Auditions: Ripped

February 23, 2020


Lucy goes to college. Lucy brings mace. No need for Lucy to actually use it, right?  Ripped jumps through time and locations to unwind a story of sexual assault on a college campus. A single blurry night spent between UC Berkley students Lucy and Jared plunges their relationship into a battleground, and forces Lucy to relive painful and unclear memories. 


From the the theatre responsible for the critically acclaimed San Diego premiere of "Straight", Loud Fridge Theatre Group Presents "Ripped" By Rachel Bublitz.

Cast of Character:

Lucy - 18, female, freshman at UC Berkeley; intelligent, generous spirit, and fairly comfortable in her own skin. Lucy is trying to make adult decisions, but isn’t always sure what that looks like. She has a tendency towards word-vomit, particularly when she’s nervous. 

Jared - 19 or 20, male, sophomore at UC Berkeley; the cool upper classman - self-assured without being cocky, funny, and genuinely concerned for others’ wellbeing. Jared is pragmatic and believes in the reality of his truths, until the truth starts to become subjective. 

Bradley - 18 or 19, male, Lucy’s high school boyfriend; charming, likable, but struggling to deal with the realities of leaving high school, and high school relationships, behind. Bradley is self-conscious about going to a community college, and not being “good enough” for Lucy. He is emotionally volatile, and feels things strongly.

Audition information:

Date: Sunday, February 23

Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm (by appointment)

Location: Scripps Ranch Theatre

(Legler Benbough Theatre) at  Alliant University

9783 Avenue of nations.  San Diego Ca

Rehearsals: May 9

Shows: June 18-28

We are committed to diversity, and strongly encourage people from all identities to apply!  Auditions will be held Sunday, February 23, by invitation. To schedule an audition please submit your headshot and resume to 

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